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update [22 Aug 2015|08:55pm]

Elizabeth has an instagram account. She's been battling breast cancer and has just got married.
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Symbiotic relationship with mother [08 Oct 2009|10:38pm]
Any of you guys know how to deal with a symbiotic relationship with one's mom? Like the girl in Prozac Nation. The mom is involved (mentally) in everything she does.
Seperation... yes, not just phyisically but also mentally.
But how to do that?
Any thoughts?
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[23 Dec 2008|01:30pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Does anyone know how I can contact Elizabeth Wurtzel? I wanted to ask her a few questions about writing, so I can get going on my memoir without worry or concern. I am working through reading her first book, and also slogging through 'Bitch', the book she wrote while wired on Coke and Ritalin. I am still a big fan of hers, her memoir 'More, Now, Again' being my favorite book.
'Prozac Nation' is bringing up some memories so I try to write them down when they come up.

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At least she doesn't seem to upset [19 Nov 2008|08:45pm]

Lizzy did not pass the Bar; didn't notice/care.
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Intro [13 Nov 2008|04:23pm]

Hi, I am a writer and photographer. I enjoy the work of Elizabeth and have just bought Bitch which looks brilliant!

The community seems kind of quiet, anyone got any news on anything new on Elizabeth??
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[19 Aug 2008|12:03am]

In the book "more, now, again" Elizabeth Wurtzel writes about a Bruce Springsteen song, about him and a girl who tries to kill herself.
Does anyone know what song that is?
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Hello Again! [07 May 2008|08:43am]

Hi everyone, I'm just re-introducing myself. Long time member and commenter, but not very frequent poster. Sorry! Anyway, my name's Elizabeth, and I've been a member of this community for years now, you know, back when Ms. Wurtzel was a coke and Ritalin addicted author and not an attorney. :)

In any case, I'm mostly reintroducing myself because I'm running for LJ Advisory Board election and I need votes, so I'm posting to communities I've been an active member of in hopes of rallying support. You see, I'm a writer myself (I am the current writer on the comic http://www.raincannon.com, I'm a journalist for my university newspaper -- or was, as I've now graduated) and I'm running on a platform of LJ non-interference, so that if we want to post some of Ms. Wurtzel's more risque Bitch-era photos or write commentary about her work, we can do so without fear of being censored or shut down, as LiveJournal has been doing.

My full platform is available on my election page

All you have to do is go to my election page and comment with "I support this nomination" and that's that.

Oh, and hi again, everybody! :D
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[16 Apr 2008|02:41pm]

Audio of an interview with Wurtzel: http://www.newhavenindependent.org/archives/2008/04/new_haven_is_pa.php
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[15 Apr 2008|01:39pm]

Hello, I just join the Live journal community and as well I'm also an addict to Elizabeth , but also addicted to meds :( , well I  have as theys says a borderline personality but it doesn't make sense for me as I have a lot of commons with bi polar , cutters , etc... )
Apart from this, I'm a singer and a movies maker , try also to keep on writing about my life.. ( oh btw I live in Holland but I'm French native )
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Elizabeth's Op-Ed in the La Times [06 Apr 2008|05:14pm]

Don't know if anyone has seen this or read it. I apologize if it is already been posted. Just thought it would be interesting to share, Enjoy
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The Crimson Articles [30 Mar 2008|12:21pm]

A friend sent me this link, sorry if it`s been posted before
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Self injury Ezine [29 Mar 2008|10:48am]


You can SUBSCRIBE to an ezine that will email new information and writings about self-injury to you each month. The ezine is an invaluable resource as it will provide a continuous support network. Just subscribe at http://scratchandburn.com.  


Scratch and Burn's website is designed to be a place where people can come to learn, SHARE (just email me your story), and express anything that relates to their self-injury. You can find books, research studies, art, creative writing, links, and more at this self-injury site.

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New Girl! [29 Mar 2008|01:45pm]

I am a writer and a freelance journalist, i also suffer from depression.
I would be very interested in beriending others who enjoy writing and who share a love for Elizabeths work.
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Finally... [28 Oct 2007|12:32pm]

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[22 Oct 2007|04:22am]

Hey there, I've been a big fan of Elizabeth Wurtzel when I first read "The Bitch Rules" - which I have read over and over and practically memorised.

However, imagine my distress when I came across a book called "Be Your Own Life Coach" by Fiona Harrold - in the chapter "How attractive are you" there are paragraphs practically word-for-word identical to the "Be gorgeous" chapter in "The Bitch Rules".

As far as I can tell they were both published in the same year - anyone know if she is the same person or whether one of them copyed the other?  I can provide ISBN numbers if you need them (I'm at work right now and dont have the books on me).

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ok really [07 Oct 2006|10:13pm]

so why the hell does she not have a website. she might be the coolest girl ever and she doesnt even have a website. yet her mystery does make her more interesting.
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[03 Aug 2006|03:02am]

hey, i'm new here. i absolutely love elizabeth wurtzel, i have the biggest crush on her. anyways, i was looking through old posts to find pictures but alot of them didn't show up saying that photobucket deleted them or whatever. so can someone please post some pictures of her? preferably some of her nude ones, lol.
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off topic - but only slightly [26 Jul 2006|02:07pm]

note:(sorry if this post doesn't seem appropriate, please read, if it is inappropriate please accept my apologies and delete this post)

the echo survives the voice is a book i wrote of prose on various subjects, mostly relating to self harm, anorexia, borderline personaility disorder, severe depression and all of the mess that comes with such problems - hospitals, medication, etc. basically this is my life on page for someone to pick up, and hopefully be able to connect with and feel better about. it is also about grieving, loss, cancer, family, growing up, love, relationships, moving on and so much more.

if you'd like to read some of my writing before looking at the book, it is located here. a portion of the proceeds made from this book will be donated to the canadian cancer society in my mother's name.
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Hey, new. [21 Jul 2006|11:14pm]

Hey guys, I'm new.

I loved Prozac Nation (both the book and the movie -- I absolutely loved Christina Ricci as Elizabeth). I couldn't sit through the entire movie at once, though. It struck a nerve. It was like watching myself. I'm sure anyone else who's been down that road before probably feels the same.
I'm getting More, Now, Again next week, and I couldn't be more excited! Her writing is just so... enticing.

Anyways, I use my LJ to vent, and basically tell my story one entry at a time in a way that hopefully makes others think. If you want to add me feel free, I love new friends! I'm a livejournal loner, for now... haha.

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[27 Jun 2006|12:27am]


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