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Hey, new.

Hey guys, I'm new.

I loved Prozac Nation (both the book and the movie -- I absolutely loved Christina Ricci as Elizabeth). I couldn't sit through the entire movie at once, though. It struck a nerve. It was like watching myself. I'm sure anyone else who's been down that road before probably feels the same.
I'm getting More, Now, Again next week, and I couldn't be more excited! Her writing is just so... enticing.

Anyways, I use my LJ to vent, and basically tell my story one entry at a time in a way that hopefully makes others think. If you want to add me feel free, I love new friends! I'm a livejournal loner, for now... haha.

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I feel the same way. Wurtzel has changed my life, because for the first time I didn't feel alone.

I will add you, feel fee to add me too!
I think the brilliance of Wurtzel's stories is that almost anyone can relate. She writes her experiences in ways that make sense, in ways that anyone can understand. She is amazing. :]
Added you back, of course!
I just read the book "Prozac Nation" and I know exactly what u mean. I was astonished at how percisely she conveys the feelings I cannot. She was my voice, and when the book finished I was sad. I'm not a member yet so I don't think u can add me as a friend, but soon I will be. Until then, I'll post as Jeff.

By the way, I didn't know they made a movie about it, was it as good as the book?

You can friend me if you want.

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you dont understand.


June 12 2007, 07:25:41 UTC 9 years ago

I have never forumed on this site, I just ordered her book more now,again.

I know I will enjoy this book,... I dont .. ever.. read book.. I read ariticles, etc, but the books description ... I liked... But I im not a book worm, or nothing, I need help in someway maybe i dono, but no one knows, and I am in a very unique situation...( Sure, some doctors kids are addicts of sorts, but..I added the 'very' for a reason , and Its not .. that bad... but.. thats all ill say


November 25 2007, 19:55:34 UTC 9 years ago

You are a loser and make me absolutely sick.
I've read the whole Prozac Nation for my psychology class; yet I can't see why Wurtzel wasted her time on such a waste of space and paper. Her memoir, (if you can call it that, for one really doesn't know enough about life at age 26) is basically a diary of her whining and complaining, and then she has the NERVE to capitalize on it. Boo hoo, I was a star child and everyone else ruined me; I'm the only one in my whole school who is depressed; why should anyone else get Prozac and be happy? Only I deserve it!; she makes me sick. She can't even kill herself effectively. She is such a waste of space and air. Maybe I should publish a collection of my whining about how the world and my life sucks, while peope like you can pay me for my bitching.
Only the thing is, not one single person (except maybe your mother to make you feel beter) would purchase your book.
Her memoir was not about capitalizing on anything. Writing is her life and she wrote what she knew, something that every author on the face of the earth does. It's not like she expected it to be so successful, she just simply published something she had worked on. If her book had not become so widely received you would not be so opposed to it, and you know it.
Your just pathetic, especially with your defensive inappropriate comments.